Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Wild Child aka Picklled Fish

Went away to a quilt retreat on the weekend.  Oh just lovely - 2 days of sewing....just heaven.  Got one top together but haven't put the borders on yet.  Also finished off some Delectable Mountain blocks but forgot to take the sashing so had to do something else - My Pickled Fish by Chris Jurd.  and it is wild.  Easy blocks to put together.  Got 2 blocks done and cut out lots of pieces.  Very excited about this - so completely out of my usual zone.  Had to buy all new fabrics as I just don't have these colours in my stash.  Just love it.

So this is MY WILD CHILD

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Flower paper piecing

I started this a few years ago....not my design.  Decided to use 30's fabrics and whte.  So finally got the top together today.  Now have to design some borders.  Am thinking of In and Out triangles white and colours but will have to have a play.  Looks pretty.

Have had a few days on the couch this weekend and watched a couple of quilting videos.....and the usual result is I want to make the quilts.  So have printed out the patterns for Chris Jurd's Pickled Fish.  Have the pattern coming for one of Michelle Marvigs and now just need to get hold of one by Edyta they will keep me busy for a while.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another year older....

Another year the song goes.  Didn't get too much sewing over the Christmas break.  Had a house (and yard) full  of people and had the loveliest Christmas.  Have made a decision to forget about the bazillion things I want to do  and learn and just sew this year.  So unsubscribed from many newsletters and still  need to clean up my blog following.  So many wonderful blogs out there but just can't keep up.  Working full time really puts a dent in all that so this year I'm just going to concentrate on sewing.  I remember when I started quilting over 20 years ago I marked several books with quilts I wanted to make.  Never got around to doing too many of them as new books came along and I always found something else to sew or do.  So just going to sew as I fancy this year and maybe finish off some of that stuff.  So started a Delectable Mountain this week.  That was on my list all those years ago.

So decided to do it in Reproductions.  Some good choices and some bad. 

Some cut wrong so they will go in the bin.  think I may sash it as I'm not sure I want to match all those seams!!!

I have been doing a little before I go to work and a little when I get home.  Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier last week and will increase that by 5 minutes each week and I should have more time before work to sew and get things done.

Have been playing in EQ to decide on borders.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Pink and Black

Well not sure how long ago I started this quilt.  I finished it off a few weeks ago but forgot to upload a photo.  I do like how it turned out.

And some really cute backing

Christmas Quilting

Well I'm luck enough to have a week off over Christmas.  Got into my sewing room ready to start a new quilt and got the urge to quilt.  So loaded a quilt my friends and I made last year (or was it the year before??)  So that is finished and ready to bind.  Next up is one I made a gazillion years ago and started to quilt it when I fitted the Statler Stitcher to my machine.  It's been hanging around waiting to be finished so I'll load that next.  Then I have two ready that I made I don't know how many years ago.  Don't know why I take so long to get things quilted but it's a nice way to finish off the year.  At this point it even feels better than starting a new quilt!!

So this is the one I quilted today.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Craftsy and Etsy

I love to design.  I love to make quilts.  Have dabbled in designing over the years and have decided to put my designs up on Craftsy and Etsy to  see how they go.  I designed this one a few years ago and made it over the last couple of weeks.  About to do the last row of quilting and then onto the binding.  My designs are very geometric and simple sometimes I question that, but have decided Hey that is what you do so just do it.  Hoping to have a few patterns up by Christmas.

Quilting room re-vamp

I've not been feeling too satisfied with my quilting room layout lately.  I feel that it needs to be re-vamped and make better use of the space.  It's a descent size but maybe I have too much stuff!!  So woke this morning wanting to re-organise it all.  I have wheels for the Gammill and that makes it easy to move around but it also makes it too high for me to work on comfortably.  So how to do it???

Think first I need to tidy and put loose stuff away and then take another look?